Rustington and District Home Guard Rifle Club
Hangleton Rifle Club

Head2 Head1 Head3 Head6 Head4 Head5

Fullbore and Blackpowder Club, shooting on our private 100yd outdoor range and regularly
taking advantage of the facilities at Bisley.


NRA Reloading Code of Practice - All members, please send Chairman your signed declaration ASAP, as this is going to be added to Shooting Competency Cards as a new Category. Not on your card, then not allowed to shoot Home Loaded Ammunition at our range, or at Bisley.

HSE Lead in Ammunition Consultation Surveys to be completed by 10-Dec-23

   BASC comments on this Survey:

Range Maintenance dates, there will be more:
   - Sunday 10-Dec from 10:00

Membership Subs to be paid by 21-Dec-23

Shooting Records and Firearms Logs to be checked, updated, signed and returned ASAP.

First Shoot next year will be a SCC Assessment Day

New Requirement at our Range - Please can sand in catchment area be raked smooth at end of every shooting day

New Members always welcome, please contact us for details

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